Vehicle Tracking System

Using this module transport management can be integrated with VTS system for tracking various information of the transport vehicle like details movement, Idling Status (total duration on this vehicle was stationed but engine was on thus consuming fuel), Stoppage Details, Over Speed Details, Travelled Distance Report, Fuel Monitoring Details, Trip Report and Door Open/Close Report.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) also allows parents to view the current status of the children vehicle.

VTS also instantly send email and SMS alerts, when the speed limit set by you is crossed by the vehicle. Also keeps log of every movement, activity & alert generated from a vehicle or for your entire fleet.

Our system can be easily accessed by any device like smart-phone, ipad, laptop etc.

Also get multiple management reports to analyze your student's performance and help your students achieve their maximum marks.

Advantages of our VTS:

1. Real-time Monitoring
2. Customized Dashboard.
3. Live tracking of the Vehicle
4. Route Replay
5. Geo-fencing
6. Trip Planning
7. Distance Travel Report
8. Stoppage Report
9. Trip Report

10. Idling Report
11. Over Speeding Report
12. Email and SMS Alerts
13. Location Enquiry Service by Sending an SMS
14. AC ON/OFF Report
15. Shortest Path Finder
16. Nearest Vehicle Finder
17. Only Stoppage Point