• 1Tell us something about the organization?

      Orayan Engineering was founded on 2006 and established as a Private Limited Organization on 2007. Orayan Engineering started with a very dynamic team with a vision of being best in the chosen domain. Within a short span of time, Orayan Engineering has established itself as a front-runner in the software development sector with careful planning and meticulous project execution

      At Orayan Engineering we not only understand the technology, but also understand the practical problems and challenges faced by Indian educational institutes. We have therefore developed solutions addressing these specific needs. With our solutions we promise the best service and support in the market.

    • 2 What is Intel role in the software/ERP?

      Because of the improved quality and business model Adas follows; Intel became software/ERP partner of Adas Technologies Private Limited in 2008. Orayan being an Reseller of Adas receives the Intel support automatically.

    • 3Who is having the copyright of the software/ERP?

      Oryan Engineering Private Limited is having the copyright of the software/ERP and logo.

    • 4 What are the various services and products of Orayan Engineering?

      Our Products:

      • ERP for Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Universities
      • Access Control (RFID/Biometric/Retina)
      • Health Care solutions for Schools
      • Language Lab
      • Interactive Digital Class Rooms
      • Online Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
      • Tablets with K-12 content
      • E-Learning Video Content
      • IVR/SMS Alerts
      • Printing Solution
      • CCTV Cameras
      • ID Card Printer
      • Digital Projector
    • 5 Is there any 3rd party involved in service and product?

      In 2012 eSSL India became hardware partner for various access control and security devices like biometric attendance, face recognizer attendance, biometric door lock, biometric canteen management, Video Door Monitoring Devices and Digital Webcams.

      In the same year Sanako a Finland based leading Language Lab organization with presence over 140 countries partnered Pixcel Square Technologies for marketing in India For e-content we have partnership with SkyLearning and amBook.

    • 6 What is ERP?

      ERP menace Enterprise Resource Planning. Here any institution is considered as Enterprise and its resources or stake holders are students, parents, employees, management, past students and various inventories. Now the works of ERP is to manage and also help in planning to control the resources of any Enterprise efficiently.

    • 7 How the ERP will be implemented in my School/Institute?

      Cloud based S-a-a-S model: In Cloud based S-a-a-S model the software/ERP will be installed in Rackspace-Google cloud computing server, in which the cost of the software/ERP will be based on the number of students getting registered into the software/ERP. Also, because the software/ERP is hosted remotely, users don't need to invest in additional basic hardware, software/ERP and security. It also removes the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up, up-grades and often daily upkeep and maintenance

    • 8 What are the security measures in the software/ERP?

      Most ERP systems today face one or more security threats: spoofing, identity theft, password stealing, eavesdropping, sniffing, spamming, data theft, web site defacing, denial of service attacks, password breaking, fraud, forgery, hacking, viruses, worms, Trojans - just to name a few.

      Our System uses a very high level security system to defend all the above security threats.

    • 9 What is VeriSign role in the software/ERP?

      To improve our security suit the ERP is verified by VeriSign security suit.

    • 10 What is cloud computing server?

      Cloud computing servers use shared hardware where the performance of the software/ERP hosted will always remain steady. Even if the number of usage of the software/ERP certainly increases the software/ERP speed and performance will remain same because the server will automatically assign the required hardware’s (processing cycle, RAM, bandwidth and space) to maintain the same speed and performance.

    • 11 Is my data more secured with me than putting it on someone else’s server?

      Your data is more secure at your vendor’s data center than your own internal network. Security is more than just about taking daily backups, maintaining uptime and setting up a firewall. It’s about password policies, encryption, intrusion detection, offsite backups, secured transmission, software/ERP updates, patching etc. If hosting or maintaining servers is not your core business then you are better off renting out software/ERP from a reputed vendor who understands all these things. This will ensure peace of mind in the long run.

    • 12 Do I have control over my data or the software/ERP?

      Well, don’t you put money in the bank and access it anytime you want it? The money is still yours but you rent out the bank’s services so that you don’t have to worry about storing and managing your money. Similarly, you need technology to stay competitive but you don’t necessarily have to own it anymore. This illusionary control is something that you will get over when you see the value the software/ERP will provide your business over time. Other than this the software/ERP is well protected by security policies, firewalls and database security where the all important data is in encrypted format.

      As per the access to the data is concern, only one user of the institute/school will have access to school/institute data in that case even Pixcel Square Technologies or the hosting provider will have no access to the data. The complete data can be viewed only by super admin/owner of the school/institute. The data in the database is completely encrypted and being in cloud server it is distributed in several servers i.e., a single server does not contain the complete database the database is distributed in 69 different servers thus in one single server it can contain maximum of 15-20 tables and the database. Thus to get access to the data the hacker need to hack all the 69 different servers and then join the database and after joining need to break the encrypting which is almost a impossible task to perform.

      As far as content security is concern, the complete software/ERP is permission based where as per the configuration of the super admin only the defined modules will be visible to other users.

      Therefore it is very important that the super admin need to remember his/her login and password details. If the super admin forgets his login password then all the data will be lost and a new account of the software/ERP needs to be created.

    • 13 Which cloud server you are using?

      We are using Rackspace Cloud Service.

    • 14 How long it takes to get the software/ERP in running condition with complete customization, data migration, configuration and training?

      It takes minimum 10 working days to maximum time period of 3 months which depends on the report of the analysis team.

    • 15 We have poor internet bandwidth penetration in our premises. Can we use cloud computing S-a-a-S model in that case?

      The cloud computing model is very much depended in internet connectivity. The institute/school authority need to take care of a proper internet connectivity and if required a backup internet connectivity. For proper functionality of the software/ERP, it needs a minimum of 512 kbps broadband connectivity but still we prefer a 1 mbps broadband bandwidth for best performance.

    • 16 Does the software/ERP supports any other hardware / application?

      As per client’s requirement the software/ERP can be integrated with hardware like biometric finger print device or face recognizer for employee attendance, high frequency RFID for student attendance and surveillance, bar code scanner for asset and library book issue and return, CCTV cameras with online control, VTS/GPS system in transports.

    • 17 Can we use the SMS facility for other purpose of school/institute promotion?

      In cloud computing S-a-a-S model and normal S-a-a-S model the SMS can be used only by the software/ERP as per the configuration in different modules. In one time purchase the school/institute authority can use the SMS facility for other purposes in which we will provide a SMS panel from where they can view the reports of the SMS sent and the amount per SMS. To recharge the SMS account they can use online payment process.

    • 18 Where the software/ERP will be linked?

      The software/ERP will be linked with the institute/school portal or website.

    • 19 Can the software/ERP and school/institute website run in the same server? If yes then can we remove our hosting server?

      In case of cloud computing the website of the school/institute website can run on the same cloud computing server but in that case the website need to be developed in normal html or PHP thus reducing the hosting cost of the school/institute.

    • 20 Can you install demo software/ERP so that we can use it before purchasing?

      As the software/ERP in an online solution thus there is no requirement of any demo CD. The school/institute authority can view the demo software/ERP with all the application online. Kindly contact us for the permission details of the online demo.

      If required we can also demonstrate the software/ERP using online meeting or send our demonstration team in the school/institute premises.