Access Control Devices

Under Access Control Devices we are providing various range of Biometric Devices, Face Recognizing Devices, Low Range RFID Devices, Biometric Door Locks, Video Door Monitoring Devices, Digital Webcams, Canteen Management Devices.

The biometric and face recognition devices are used for employee attendance system where the in-time and out-time of any employee can be automated with real time data and reports.

Low Range RFID can also be used as attendance but with an option that cards can be shared by employees, thus we recommend to use low range RFID devices for those location where security and duration is important rather than attendance, like in Sick Bay/Medical Center, Stores, Labs etc

Biometric Door Locks, Video Door Monitoring and Digital Webcams cab used for high security areas.

Canteen Management Devices is used to monitor various records of Canteen.

How biometric and face recognition devices it works:

  • Step 1: Biometric and face recognition devices needs a local machine in institution premises. When local software gets installed.
  • Step 2: Registration of employee fingerprints (at least 3 figure) or retina scanning need to be stored as per the device id of the same employee in the ERP
  • Step 3: A windows scheduler with 10 min interval need to be created to send the local attendance data to temporary database of cloud server.
  • Step 4: A cloud scheduler with 5 min interval send the in-time and out-time from the temporary database to the real database. In 1st finger impression or 1st retina scan of an employee of a day is considered as in-time and the last finger impression or last retina scan of an employee is considered as out-time